Admitting Your Style – Creating Awesome Outfits for You

What do you think of your style? Do you feel fabulous, ok or not great? How do you feel about what you wear? Do You Own Your Style?

In this video (20 minutes), Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I discuss some of our feelings about these questions and where the answers and feelings might come from in our own lives.

Jill feels fabulous on her style, I don’t feel like that on mine (Yes, it may surprise you, but I explain why in the video). It’s not that I don’t like my style, but it’s not a word I would use for my own style.

How can you take an outfit from good to awesome? What should you consider?

Body shape and proportions

Ideally, your outfit should work with and not against your body shape (and if you’re unsure about your shape, take my Body Shape Quiz to find out what’s right for you). If you know the simple rules for your shape, you can find outfits that harmonize with your beautiful body.

Your Personality

What you wear is closely related to your personality-who you are as a person. Personality trumps body shape (which I wrote about here) and that’s why we feel good in some outfits and we like ” me “and in others ” not quite right”. The first step of my 7 Steps to Style program is dedicated to personality and this is the first step, because I believe it is actually the most important step to find outfits that will make you feel good and make you look good.


These pieces of jewelry, scarves, shoes, belts, hats and other pieces and bobs are often the difference between OK and fabulous. As I always say, Accessories are the icing on your Sartorial cake and should not be forgotten (and it’s interesting when Jill wrote this post about her experience with outfit photos, she realized how important they were).

This is the beginning of what you need to look for, of course, there are colors and scales and a whole series of other elements to assemble outfits that you can also take into account.

The trick is to find what is right for you so that you feel good inside and look good outside.

More tips for creating stylish outfits

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