Easy Ways To Dye Your Leather Shoes

I love my navy leather boots, in fact I loved them to passed away (they have grown old and look hideous), so I hunted up and down for a pair of spare navy leather boots to find none that met my demands.

Instead, I found a pair of pretty bare leather boots that I decided to dye in navy.

You can use this procedure on any leather shoes, boots or handbags (even leather belts) if you want to change or change the color.

The dye is different from the paint for leather (which rests on the surface), firstly, you can only paint darker than the original color. Secondly, the shade penetrates into the leather, so you can not change your mind, and after that you can dye a different or lighter color. But unlike leather paint, it will never crack with time.

The Products I Used

  • Stripper Waparoo
  • Waparoo Marine Painting
  • Leather Packaging
  • Brush
  • Soft muslin
  • Shoe Brush
  • Rubber gloves

Step 1-Tape

You need to remove any coating on the leather and as much paint as possible. Try the stripper with a soft cloth on each area of your shoe or shoe (and do it several times). I used a 50 ml bottle for each boot. Spray some water when you think you’re done. When water gets on the surface of the leather, a coating remains. Be sure to wear the rubber gloves as this product is not good for the skin.

Step 2-Painting

The shade really, really stinks! Do this outward (not inward), as it is completely harmful.

I used a brush and painted the dye. In the end, I made 3 sofas. The photo above is after 1 layer of dye and you can see that it is completely illegal.

Since they are knee-high bottles, I was told that two small 50ml bottles were what I needed (although it was affordable to buy 500ml than 2 50ml bottles, so I did). For a pair of shoes, 50ml would probably be all you need.

The zip dyed pretty good! I used a permanent marker to color the zipper tab.

Step 3-State

Once you have reached the desired intensity, allow the dye to dry. After drying (I left it overnight), apply a waxy conditioner for the leather to seal and polish the leather so that it is not smeared with water.

More product options for painting leather outside Australia

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