Fashion Updates – My Style & Autumn Layers

Autumn in Melbourne can be warm and cool and as we go through the Season the mornings are cool and crisp, while the days get warmer, so stratification is often key.

Fabrics that are rather seasonal are also good, nothing too heavy and hot or itchy, nothing too thin and summery.

Green and white, with Indigo jeans

Jackets are a great way to add warmth in the morning and can easily be poured when the day warms up. For me, since white is my new black (because they are a great hair booster for me), white jackets are now an integral part of my trans-seasonal wardrobe.

Teal Marine Pillar

A color column is an easy way to create a long slimming figure. Adding teal jacket and shoes (Tsubo) creates a good color contrast for me and also the correct value contrast.

Black with sequins and

I haven’t bought anything new in black for years. But I still own them and take them out from time to time. To wear me more easily and easily with my bright color palette, I keep my black tops more transparent and wear a light Cami underneath to emphasize the severity of the darkness of black. Transparent fabrics of low weight are much easier to wear than heavy, dense and opaque fabrics, if they have a light value.

I also find that glossy black creates a lighter feel than a matte black fabric, hence the glitter and shiny pants (the more they work with my own natural sheen).

Denim jacket over faux fur textured vest

My hair is naturally wavy and to give it a Break from the hair dryer, I wash it and sometimes wear it wavy. When I do, I like to add more texture to my outfit to create Harmony, so this textured furry vest worn under my denim jacket adds the down element that complements My wavy hair. The addition of the red shoes (Scarlettos) adds a touch of interest to the outfit and binds the red elements together.

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