Fashion Updates – My Style & Scarves for Winter

Accessories are perfect for adding interest and a hero to your outfit. You can easily add extra colors and contrasts to an outfit.

In addition, they do not care what size they have. And who does not like it in them?

As I’ve said before, I’m a cold person (not cold in a hostile way, but cold on “I really feel the cold”) and since it’s Melbourne winter this year, I’ve really started using my scarves to keep me warm every day.

Teal Paisley Scarf

This analogue combination of cobalt and Teal is complemented by a Teal silk Paisley scarf that I took with me on my trips to Dubai. When choosing a scarf that matches your outfit, it’s easy to pick one that repeats a color in an upper garment like the Teal in my Cardigan.

Pink Leopard Scarf

I knitted this Stripy Shrug (knitting instructions here) last winter and it works well with my red-purple merino knit top. When I chose a scarf, I decided to mix patterns and use this pink leopard print number(which I also wore as a vest in the summer). The leopard print works with a touch of Orange in the shrug and pink is also found in the striped shrug.

If you’ve thought about mixing patterns, but are too scared, using a scarf is one of the easiest options (plus many tips for mixing patterns here).

Emerald, pink and blue flower scarf

This scarf has tiny pretty pink and white flowers (It’s a kind of cherry blossom pattern) on a navy blue background with an emerald border. When I decided what to wear with it to tie the colors together (and keep warm), I decided to use these layers:

  • Light Pink Long Sleeve Cotton Knit
  • Emerald green Long sleeves Merino wool knit
  • White Jacket

You can see the light pink knit that appears right under the emerald green knit, and each color is attached by the scarf pattern as a whole.

Mid-Blue Cherry Blossom Scarf

This blue floral scarf has pretty pink birds on the pink cherry blossom and blue is really a great signature color for me as it’s the same color as my eyes (It’s a winner). The pink in the pattern has enough Magenta elements that bind it together in an analog flow in the purple of the cascade Cardigans, and I repeated the blue in my merino knit top layered over another white long sleeve knit top to get that extra layer of warmth.

And again – you can see that knee-high boots are a staple of my winter style.

For most everyday clothes in winter, I just like to loop the scarf around my neck-it’s easy and quick and keeps my chest and neck warm and is easy to do with a longer rectangular scarf.

Do you like to wear scarves? What is your favorite shape? How do you like to tie them?

If you want more ideas for tying scarves, here are some videos to check out

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