Growing My Style Game: Outfit Photo shoot Experience

It image: June a few weeks I would be going to Melbourne to work with Imogen for a few days, one of our activities is to strike a few more videos for Imogen’s fabulous Inside Out Style blog (yes, the one you’re reading). As is your usual practice, Imogen asked your readers for some suggestions: on what topics would you like to make us videos?

I’m just going to stop here to tell you how much Imogen and I love making these videos, and what a journey it’s been. I don’t even remember how or exactly we started, but it seemed like a good idea for us to sit down together and discuss different style themes, record them and for Imogen to post them on their Blog. From the very beginning, we liked these Cats and many of them, although the responses received are a good clue. Every time we get together, we film more videos and we love making them.

So, I was there and I looked at the responses that entered Imogen’s Facebook group on the topics we should talk about in our next series of videos. So many interesting topics related to style-specific things and general things, practicalities and more philosophical or psychological aspects-it would be an interesting series of videos! One of the topics we should talk about was layering-how to do it right, what works and what doesn’t when layering, how to make layers of light and where personality fits into the layering image. Well, I knew this when I lived in a temperate tropical climate where diapers were needed almost every month of the year, from hot summers to beautiful winters.

Instead of packing all the many sample layers I have in my closet that I could show in a video how many and different types of layers can be addressed, that day I sent Imogen a photo of me wearing a multi-layered outfit and asked if she wanted me to take a daily outfit photo and show layers. We could include these photos in the video message, which would cost me a fee for checked baggage and allow me to pack the light. Was this a good idea and should I take more outfit photos, I asked Imogen. Yes, she said! Simple! I thought. I will just take a picture of myself every day in my usual clothes and bring it to Imogen, and that will be it. Well, the best plans-it did not quite work out.

Now those who know me, whether here as a guest on Imogen’s Blog or on my own page, know that I have had a long love affair with style and clothes all my life.

I was in love with clothes and dressing up and this thing called style for as long as I can remember.

Dressing up is fun, clothes are a form of creative expression, and deciding who I want to be today and how my clothing choices can support this offers a number of possibilities. Style and clothes are something I think (and feel) a lot, and I strive to choose my outfits every day, even though it’s a Cruisy that-nothing-does a lot and I don’t even leave the house.

Making these everyday outfit photos for Imogen’s Blog was such a creative exercise, and I didn’t expect it to be fun (or challenging). It took the energy and attention I didn’t quite expect, especially because I thought my usual daily approach to attracting would be enough – and it’s not. I needed more for this everyday outfit, photos, at least for them to be of sufficient quality for Imogen high quality blog.

Each Photo was an exercise in Creativity.

First of all, to reflect and gather all the elements of my ensemble, from the foundation to the finishing touches – from underwear to the plots of my outfit (supporting acts) to accents and hero pieces, shoes, Accessories and the finishing touches of hair and makeup. Although not Vogue quality, I wanted each photo to say something interesting and relevant about the overlay and for each photo to be unique in one way or another. Secondly, I had to think about the location and staging of each photo-The background, the light (or lighting), how I was standing or positioned in the photo, my posture, the position of the legs and hands, the facial expression and the position of the head, what I was doing with my hands. So many things to consider on a good photo for a Style Blog!

I loved taking these everyday outfit photos. They raised my style awareness to another level, and I felt I was starting at a pretty high point when Attention and interest in style and everyday outfit creation were the criteria. I am not saying that I am the most elegant woman in the world, and I do not consider myself a style icon. But I think carefully about what I wear every day and enjoy the dressing process to which I devote my attention and energy. I never dress “just to cover my nudity”, but always to improve, move or support my mood and communicate and express myself, even if I’m not sure what I’m saying.

Taking these photos of everyday outfits made me take a closer look at every element of my outfit, especially the finishing touches. He made me lift my style game. It made me step and be better, style Wise.

I wanted every outfit to feel ready and look ready to reach the full 100% and not save on the last details that can make an outfit from good to excellent, from fine to fabulous. I also wanted each outfit to be an authentic expression of who I am, what “I” looks and feels like and not be confined, controlled or invented.

I didn’t want to be perfect, just perfect for me (at least that day). I didn’t want to be flawless just because I feel fabulous. I didn’t want to be breathtaking, just a creative expression of my style for this day.

I could do this exercise again and I’m sure the photos would be better – I learned so much by making mistakes, trying things and working things out through trial and error.

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