Guide To Have A Perfect Wardrobe For Shoes

What are the different types of shoes you need to have in your shoe wardrobe?

There is no correct answer to these questions, But here are some important considerations when deciding what to include in your shoe wardrobe.

Weather and season

Depending on where you live in the world and how you spend your time, weather (wet, dry) and season (hot, cold) determine the types of shoes where you live.

Tropical climates require very different shoe choices than those that (obviously) have snow, and a temperate climate has its own list of shoes you might need too.

It is worth thinking about how long of the year you need open shoes compared to CLOSED. Whether you need more boots that completely cover your feet, or more open ballet flats, pumps or booties for your cooler seasons.

Then we get spring and autumn, which have warmer and cooler days. An open shoe is suitable for many things, sometimes sandals also work, sometimes completely closed shoes work. This is about 3-4 months a year.

Summer is about 4 months old and is often very hot, which means more open shoes and sandals are the way to go.

Think about where you live and what your climate demands as much as possible.


City or country? Farm or office? Relaxed coastal city or big metropolis?

Each of these places needs different types of Shoes, and what everyone else is wearing around you can also affect your choice of shoes.

Lifestyle Needs

The next thing to consider is Your lifestyle.

How do you spend your time? What are the appropriate shoes for the things you do?

Consider Your:

  • Work
  • Leisure
  • Hobby
  • Exercise
  • Commuters
  • Socialization

What do you do and what types of shoes fit your needs?



Levels of refinement

Depending on your lifestyle needs, think about the different levels of refinement.

What are They? An easy way to group clothing and Accessories into “similarity” categories”

Step 1-formal evening wear and corporate business clothing (things that need dry cleaning)

Level 2 – everyday, from Business Casual to casual clothing style (smart jeans to day dresses, skirts, softer jackets, Blouses, T-Shirts)

Level 3 – outdoor recreation Suitable Clothing and Accessories (Sports, Exercise, Sports, Hiking, gardening, etc.)

Level 1, Pumps, High heel sandals with bling

Level 2-ballet flats, Oxfords, high boots, ankle boots

Level 3-Sneakers, Sports Shoes, Crocs, Birkenstocks, Work Boots, Wellington Boots, Hiking Shoes

Read this article on interpreting the degree of refinement of shoes here.

As most of us have to dress from time to time for all three levels, it is worth having shoes that match each level. The level where you spend the most time has more shoe options, the levels where you spend the least time require fewer shoe options.

You may need:

Level 1-shoes that work with a Cocktail or evening dress, shoes that work with a suit

Level 2 – most of your shoes are more suitable for this level, because many of us spend a lot of time here. A variety of ballet flats, loafers, oxfords, knee-high boots, ankle boots, summer sandals, etc.

Level 3-Training shoes, hiking shoes or hiking shoes

What color is your hair?

If you have shoes that are similar or similar in color to your hair, you have a simple shoe option if you are not sure which color is right for your outfit.

Why is it? This is called visual grouping, in which the eye descends the body from head to toe, and then, when the shoe repeats the color of your hair, brings the eye back to your face.

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