Ideas To Love Everything You Have In Tour Wardrobe

How can you love everything that is in your wardrobe even more? Is that even possible?

In this video, Jill Chivers of Shop your Wardrobe and I discuss a technique to ensure that what you buy is what you like, so that you feel excited and inspired by your wardrobe every day.

Use the technique Make it at 8 or higher

Everything that is in your wardrobe or fits in your wardrobe must be rated by you at at least an 8 (which is 80% great) or higher. If you decide to buy or keep clothes that you think are only 70% or 60% (or less) perfect, then you don’t like what you have to wear.

Marie Kondo in her book the magic of storage that changes lives says that you have to decide if a garment or accessory “brings joy”, and it works for some, but a word like “joy” can be very difficult to define, so I prefer that you stick a number on it, because it then makes the decision whether to buy or not, whether to keep it or not.

Criteria for an 8 or More

What are your criteria for deciding on this assessment?

Research shows that when we own something, we add more value to the item than when we don’t own it, which is why it can be harder to get rid of the items once they are in your closet for many of us! So you do not want parts to fit into your wardrobe that you do not evaluate very well.

Within Your Existing Wardrobe

Ask yourself,:

Would I buy it again?

It is another way to help you make decisions about your existing clothes, to know how you really feel about them and how they relate to your current lifestyle and style recipe and how you really evaluate them!

If the answer is “NO”, ask yourself why? What is the reason why it is not something you would buy again? Analyze it in relation to the above list and see if you can understand what is wrong. The more you know what works for you bodily and mentally, and what does not, the better your future decisions will be.

The Choice is Overwhelming and makes life More Difficult

Using this technique Make it an 8 helps you limit your choices, making your brain happier! This makes the answer yes or no, so much easier to do.

Do Not Buy Clothes For Your Future Body

Many of us buy clothes for a future self when we have lost the last kilograms, but we have no idea how this garment really fits when we have this weight (when we even get this weight) and whether they will even flatter us.

Do not deny the essential beauty of your present body, learn to dress it as it is today and celebrate the life, style and person you are today with clothes that are perfect and meet your criteria to make an 8 or more!

Spend time creating and documenting outfits and seeing how you really feel in them. Download my weekly outfit planner that will help you do it here.

Have you used the Make it an 8 technique? How did that work for you?

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