Ideas To Style Up Pashmina Wrap Over an Evening Dress

Do you need to find new ways to wear a large rectangular Pashmina scarf over your evening dress?

When traveling, if you want to add variety and interest to your outfits, Pashmina style scarves are a great way to add color (and warmth) to your evening outfits.

If you take 2 or 3 scarves, your simple and neutral dress can really feel like you’re wearing something different every time, and with a variety of ways to style them, This will give a different look to your outfit.

1. Shrug Style

To tie this Shrug-style envelope, you will need a small elastic band(I like those that come from asparagus and Broccolini grapes). Then just throw the Pashmina around your shoulders, hold the two long ends together at the back and pull them through your elastic band.

Adjust the elastic so that it is under the back of the scarf, you have tails, but you will not see how they are tied together.

2. Shoulder Wrap

To tie this simple style Of shoulder wrap.

Throw the Wrap around your shoulders, then take a corner, turn and lie on one shoulder.

Take the other long end that hangs down, pass it to the neckline and down on top

3. Folded and Tied Pashmina Wrap

To tie this Pashmina style, simply fold your envelope in half (so that it looks more like a square), and then fold it diagonally.

Hold two corners (the longest length), wrap the scarf around your shoulders and tie it to one side.

4. Pin

You will need a decorative brooch for this weaving. Make it big and sparkling when you go somewhere formally!

Fold the scarf in half around your body, then glue the two parts of the package together on one shoulder, do not do it too close to your neck or you will not be able to raise the arm that is under the package.

5. Diagonal Coating

This Pashmina tie also needs a brooch.

Simply drape the Pashmina diagonally over your body and pin it on one hip with a beautiful decorative brooch.

6. Shoulder Twist

Scrunch your Pashina as if you wear it as a scarf and wrap it once around your neck ends with the two long ends in front.

Insert each end into the neck and pull to the side to drape the tails of the scarf over your shoulders.

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