Make Your Monochromatic Outfit Interesting

Monochromatic, i.e. in one color (read the definition here), outfits can be extremely sophisticated and beautiful, or if you are not careful, a little boring and simple. How do you make sure your monochrome outfits are elegant and sophisticated and not boring?

Jill Chivers of Shop your Wardrobe and I discuss how you can create beautiful monochrome outfits to make them look super stylish.

Tips To Make Your Monochrome Outfits Fabulous

  1. Mix textures and WEIGHTS and density of fabrics
  2. Wear lighter and darker shades of the same color (it does not have to be exactly the same head to toe)
  3. Make sure you are contrast in your good value
  4. Wear it in a pattern that adds interest

Examples of Monochrome outfits

In this navy outfit, the interest comes from the mix of light and floating chiffon with the opaque and heavier skirt fabric. Adding a slightly different shade of blue in my bracelet and necklace makes the outfit more colorful than it actually is.

Here, in the shades of brown, the interest comes from the embossed skirt pattern, the 3 different shades of brown (which create a contrast of value that suits me), as well as the additional texture element of the multi-strand rose gold necklace.

By mixing patterns and adding these patterned elements, this outfit changes from boring gray to something more interesting and unique.

In this all-white outfit, I mixed two different textures in lace and cut-out fabrics.

And, of course, monochrome outfits do not have to be neutral. Here is a blue monochrome scheme that mixes both patterns, shades of blue and textures to add life and interest.

I hope you can see that monochromatic does not necessarily mean boring or boring!

More tips on monochrome clothing ideas and outfits

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