Pick Out Top Lengths For Skirts & Pants

Length of Tops has more to do with body shape and proportions than skirts versus pants overall. I know for myself, I mostly wear the same Tops with pants and skirts (apart from the length of the tunic, pants are just questions). It is often not difficult to slightly adjust the length of the hem by pulling up a little and jerking off or pulling down if necessary.

Influence of body proportions and shape

The proportions of the body really come into play with the length of the hem and the shape of the body.

If you think about your body proportions-do you have legs that are longer or shorter than your body (find out how to measure your proportions here)?

  • Longer legs mean that you have a shorter body and so you can afford to wear slightly longer tops.
  • Shorter legs mean you have a longer body, so you need to keep the Tops on the shorter side.

What does body shape have to do with it?

In addition, the tops have hems that extend to the entire horizontal lines (check them out here) and, if you don’t want to have a wider surface of your body to act, not a horizontal in another point (so if you have an a or X shape and your widest point of your thighs, end tops Higher than that point to draw attention up and away.

Tucking is good for more arched shapes, but not so good for those of us with a protruding belly. For this reason, the most flattering Option is to hem your tops just below the top of your belly.

Now the length of the skirt or trousers is also influenced by their length. The miniskirt is against knee length versus Midi versus Maxi-all these lengths produce different proportional variations in the ratio from top to bottom. Short trousers, ankle length and chipping of the heel base will also affect the upper length, again due to the proportions from top to bottom.

We expect your top to be shorter overall than your bottom, as the bodies are shorter than the legs. We prefer unequal proportions where one proportion is longer than the other (often in a ratio of 1:2).

If you use the concept of” color column”, you do not have to consider the length of the vertices to be divided so critically, since we do not notice the Horizontal created by the hem of the vertex.

Top Pants Lengths

Well, these pants are proportionally “Standard”, if you have shorter legs and you still need to lift your pants, imagine that the longest top on the right suddenly becomes the same length as the pants, which makes your legs very short. For this reason, mixing shoes with trousers and wearing trousers as long as possible (not pulling on the floor) helps to make the legs longer (and recover what genetics did not give them).

If your tops feel a little long and blush, try using a half pinch on one side so that your legs are longer, but always cover your belly if you feel it is more flattering to wear your top.

Top Skirt Lengths

This knee length skirt is a pretty standard length for many skirts and can be worn by women of all leg proportions as it provides a balance between coverage and visible leg length. And for someone with short legs, a skirt of this length will make your legs longer, because we can not see where your legs begin.

Ideally, you want to create a long one with a short proportional ratio, so that the length of your skirt affects the top length you choose.

The shape of the skirt can also affect the length of the top, because a fuller flared skirt with a longer top simply does not work well, it requires a shorter high hip or a shorter top.

As you can see in the image above, longer Midi skirts need slightly longer tops (high hips) to look balanced (and work best with long legs, because they shorten the legs in the same way as short pants.

A maxi skirt works in the same way as full-length trousers.

Beware of the short skirt and crop top, it can become very kosher if you are not careful.

Knee length is good with a high or shorter hip (unless you have long legs) to create an ideal balance.

Finding your ideals is based on:

  1. The Shape and Length of Her Skirts
  2. The Shape Of Your Body
  3. Your Body Proportions

You may find that you can easily wear the same length with both, or you may find that Fitting the hem slightly (often there is no more than 2-3cm difference) gives a more flattering and pleasant outfit.

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