Tips To Look Modern & Sophisticated

Following our video on aging and style, a reader asked us to discuss the topic of” age and staying chic”, especially when the stores offer so many suitable clothes for a youth market.

Jill Chivers of Shop your Wardrobe and I discuss how sophistication is more relevant and workable for the more mature person.

How to Have a More Sophisticated Style

  • Find fabrics that stand the test of time and are more refined that add sophistication.
  • Design elements that are suitable for very young people compared to more mature ones, such as ruffles that regularly appear on children’s clothes
  • Stylized printing styles and patterns, for example, flowers, are available for any age and level, but their expression can make a garment younger or more sophisticated.
  • Express the boldness and confidence of maturity because you no longer feel that you must please everyone around you as you become what you are
  • Express your personality through your dress instead of dressing to be someone else (or to mainly please others)
    Kiss as you get older

Jill mentions the book the Lost Art of Dress and explains how this influenced her thoughts about age and style. You can read Jill’s review and thoughts on the book here.

How did you change your style with age?

One of the most common problems we mentioned in a previous video is the change in body shape that occurs with age, and we often have to learn to put on a whole new body shape, learn new “rules” and style guidelines, and adjust our expectations to our appearance.

In addition, personality changes and lifestyle aspects also change our wardrobe needs. We continue to grow and change our whole lives and it’s never too late to learn what’s going to work for you now (rather than the week, month, year or last decade) and why I wrote my 7-Step program for Style so you can understand what really works for you today!

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