Tips To Make Viktor & Rolf Inspired Button Necklace

Last year, at the media opening of the incredible exhibition Viktor and Rolf, I sat behind Thierry-Maxime Loriot, the curator of the exhibition, and he wore this Viktor and Rolf denim jacket. I loved the details of the buttons on it and decided that I wanted to reproduce it somehow and came up with the idea of creating this button necklace.

What you need to make the button necklace

  • Button
  • Feel
  • Wire
  • Needle
  • Chain link
  • Clasp
  • Thick iron at the interface

I have all my pieces at Spotlight, but if you have a button matter, you might have all the buttons you need!

Step 1: Layout Your Buttons

Step 2: Highlight your felt

With the tailor’s chalk you mark your felt with the shape you want your necklace to be – a basic contour is all you need. Then sew your buttons.

Step 3: Ironing On The Interface

Roughly cut around the shape.

Then iron the interface on the back before cutting more carefully around the buttons. The interface will both stiffen the collar so that it does not bulge when worn, and stop the itching and scratching that you can feel on your skin due to the wool fibers in the felt.

Step 4: Add Chain and Clasp

Collapsible at two small ends for extra resistance, tie the chain( you can use jump rings) and the clasp so you can open it to put it on!

That’s it, you got it! A simple DIY button necklace that you can make from all these buttons in your haute couture inspired button box.

Download the printable instructions for this necklace here.

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