Tips To Wear the Off Shoulder Trend In Winter

The trend of “cold shoulder” or “bare shoulder” was great last summer and continues in the colder months.

So, if you like this trend (and it’s great for those who want to add a nice horizontal line on the shoulders to balance the hips), here’s a little inspiration.

Try adding a knitted sweater with bared shoulders like this on a blouse with a collar. Because I want to wear a textured blouse, I went for the textured hair (it is my natural hair structure “I can not be bothered to dry”, works well on the first day, then looks like a terrible headboard the next day… but I’m going away) because the texture of your facial features (like hair or skin) matches very well with the texture of the fabrics your clothes are made of (read more about it here).

Adding a collar to the outside of the collar can add a fun detail and an important element, “portrait” and a focal point. I love this necklace (adopted in Mexico), which contains the color of the necklace, but then some contrasting colors so that it does not disappear in the sweater, but is more subtle, so also does not take focus. I also like to mix the rounded pattern of the collar with the round pattern in this English Embroidery SHIRT (this is called Related shapes and is one of the principles of coordination and a really useful element to think about when putting together elements of your outfit).

This trend also works well on knitwear. You can use it to add color if your off-the-shoulder top is so neutral. I like a longer collar on a knit top (as I arrived here) when the neckline is high because it adds a nice element of” vertical ” (and as we know the vertical faston connectors are ideal for stretching).

Think about how you can use the texture or pattern to add interest and detail, such as The dot sleeve that comes out of this tunic with bare shoulders. Adding multiple accessories in the same color (beauty bundle) is a great way to add interest to the outfit. Here I have added a touch of turquoise with my accessories( earrings, necklace, bracelet) that offer focal points (which, as you know, I find super important in any outfit).

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